Stelton Cylinda Line Coffee Press
NZ $431.00
incl GST

Stelton Cylinda Line Coffee Press

With this coffee maker Stelton is introducing the most elegant press coffee maker on the market. It is good news to everyone who loves properly prepared coffee and the beautiful, classic Stelton design. The press coffee maker is double-walled to keep in the heat so both the taste and the temperature are perfect once the coffee has drawn and the plunger depressed.

Unlike the Stelton Coffee Pot, the spout of this Coffee Press is set near the top of the pot. It has a snugly fitting lid and the recognisable black, heat-resistant handle.

The Stelton Cylinda Line product range was designed in the 1960's by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, when Arne designed the range there was not the technology on the market to produce a seamless Cylinda, so it was a number of years before they were produced commercially.

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