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This item is still in transit. As progress is revealed to us we'll add to it's story ...

It left Armenia on the 1st Sept 2020.

Arrived in NZ on the 19th Sept 2021. But the parcel was address incorrectly by the supplier. The address the supplier used was an old PO location, Wellesley Street which NZ Post closed and moved to Victoria Street West. NZ Post is forwarding mail for the Wellesley Street location until March 2022. Apparently forwarding only applies to letters not parcels. There was a phone number on the parcel but it's against NZ Post's protocol to phone the receiver.

It was returned to Armenia on the 20th Nov 2020.

On the 9th of Jan 2021 there was an attempted delivery in America Samoa.

On the 22nd January 2021 it was in LA.

On the 11th February 2021 it arrived back into NZ but did NZ Post did not attempt to deliver the parcel.

We have rung NZ Post about this parcel on the 18 Feb, 22 Feb, 24 Feb. Every time we have been told "all is ok" and it will be sent to the correct PO Box and it's only a day or two away.

However when we rung NZ Post again on the 1st March 2021, they advised the parcel is now at the international dispatch area awaiting return to the supplier in Armenia as NZ Post has not been able to deliver the parcel.

So at this stage although the parcel is in the NZ and both the supplier and ourselves are in contact with NZ Post over the parcel and the PO Box location/address has been verified we are not sure if it will be delivered this time or if NZ Post will decide to return it to Armenia again. If NZ Post decide to deliver it to us this month (March 2021) we'll be very happy about it, but if it's returned to Armenia then it'll be a few months before the parcel gets back to NZ for a third time.

When it finally arrives it will be well traveled (unlike most of us in 2020/2021) and have great providence to regale.  


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