Galtons of Parnell is now

Galtons Christmas Wonderland

The pop-up store will be open from October 1st to Christmas Eve
at 8 York Street, Parnell

For our clients who have annual collectables we will be continuing with supplying these items. You will receive a special update in the New Year. The delivery dates will be about the same for these items. These items are for customer orders only and will not be loaded onto the website. As usual the annual order form will be sent via snail mail in June or July. If you would like to join the annual collectable list please contact us.  

A new tea brand into New Zealand will be offering an opportunity to experience a variety of premium fresh whole leaf teas. Along with the best ways to brew and drink them to bring out the most optimum flavours and aromas.  
In the short term Tisane Studio will be landing the first shipment of tea in late June. If you are on Galtons' database you will be kept up to date of all the changes. In the medium term there will also be gifts and tea accessories
available however they are coming from Europe so most will be landing later in the year.

Tisane Studio's head office is at 8 York Street, Parnell.
There is a showroom area for retail purchase of Tisane Studio teas and products.
You are most welcome to visit us during office hours.
Office hours are 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Tisane Studio's website will be launched this year, however in the meantime Galton's website will be showing the range of teas available.
Galtons of Parnell believe your everyday life should be enriched by the items you have in your life.

White_wine_glass.jpg All the brands we carry follow their ideals which Galtons of Parnell subscribes wholeheartedly to. For example the ideal ‘of offering lasting everyday design against throwawayism’

Galtons of Parnell has carefully chosen unique products of superior design and quality for you to choose from. We believe these items have lasting value and aesthetics which make them a pleasure to own and give.

Another factor we consider important is to have a range of products that is different and interesting that you may not have seen before.



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