About Us

Galtons Christmas World has been on a journey of growth for decades. Having been in the home decor business specialising in leading European brands since the early 1970's. This included supplying dated limited edition Christmas collectables. It was in 2002 we landed our first large shipment of Christmas items of high end branded seasonal decorations. This was the start our Christmas around the world theme and the inaugural annual pre-silly season Christmas party. The 2002 selection was so well received by the customers that it only encouraged us to expand our Christmas selection in following years. 

As many of us know in 2008 was the GFC and for many it was a hard year financially. To add a bit more cheer to the end of the year we seeked out and landed some really fun quality Christmas Tree decorations. The concept was to decorate the trees around the store to create a happy environment for our customers to be in. Well on our annual pre-silly season Christmas event the customers purchased 90% of the tree decorations. As one of our staff members said "our trees have been decimated" Since it's what the customers wanted it only encouraged us to get even more carried away with Christmas items in the following years.

Through the years the balance of what the customer was purchasing between our core heritage products and Christmas items tipped to be predominantly Christmas. So in 2016 we made a big decision of being a pop-up Christmas store only. Charles Darwin's quote "It's not the strongest of the species that survive but the most adaptable" is very relevant to business as well. At the end of the day what a fabulous way to work ... in the Christmas world so we embraced it and have continued to source non-traditional quality Christmas decorations from around the world.

Building on our European contacts every year, we've continued to add carefully selected trusted suppliers from all over the world. Being a small company ourselves we have a preference for small family run companies with a strong focus on ethics and morals. Most of our products are designed in Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand and the UK. Currently we are proud to stock products made in Germany, Poland, Italy, Armenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, UK, Sweden, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

So thanks to all our customers who lead the way to our World of Christmas. Keep leading the way. We're enjoying the journey!

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