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11x9cm. The Kaka is a noisy and sociable endemic forest bird, related to the kea

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Kara require a great expanse of forest to forage in. They are essential to the ecology of the forest system as they probe for grubs in rotten wood. This process helps the forest regenerate and the only other New Zealand bird known to do this important work was the Huia, which is now extinct. The Kaka often hang upside down to feed, they become increasing comical and acrobatic as they get drunk on nectar. The Kaka require high energy foods to breed therefore compete with possums and wasps for nectar and honey dew. Possums eat the same foods as the Kaka and have devastated the rata native mistletoe (high in energy food) which has had a major impact on the Kaka breeding in unmanaged areas.

The current population of Kaka is estimated at only 10,000. North Island Kaka conservation status is endangered yet recovering. South Island Kaka and nationally vulnerable. Managed breeding programs are having excellent results. With increased numbers of Kaka coming in contact with people (and their delicious gardens and warm roof's to nest in!), combined with the Kaka curious nature there is a developing medical issue for the Kaka. People have been feeding the Kaka unsuitable foods such as nuts, grains, bread and cheese. In 2016 80% of the chicks in the Wellington region died from metabolic bone disease caused by inappropriate food. It is also thought that bread causes birth defects and mental deficiencies in Kaka.     

The Kaka has never won the New Zealand Bird of the Year competition. It just takes one person to be a campaign manager for the Kaka and it's a great opportunity to develop valuable marketing and managing skills. Voting is in apx October/November every year and is always an exciting and heavily competed contest.

The Kaka sparkly decoration was introduced in 2022.

This decoration is made of fabric, sequins, beads and coloured metallic threads. It is nice and light for posting. If you need to send them internationally we can do it for you. Handy information - The cost to send up to 10x NZ Bird sparkly decorations to the same international address is the same as sending 1x.



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