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12x6cm. The karearea is a rare small native falcon and is New Zealand's only endemic raptor

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The Karearea is able to catch prey six times it own weight. It's hunting technique is unusual and unique as the Karearea catches almost all it's prey in flight. A honed technique over the thousands of years due it having only birds to hunt. It is an exhilarating sight to see the Karearea in hunting action. The Karearea is very rarely found eating roadkill or rodents.  

The population of Karearea was estimated apx 10,000 in the 1970's. It is estimated the current population is less than 5,000. Nest predation from cats, pigs, possums, hedgehogs rats and stoats play a part in it's decline over the last five decades. Power lines, wire fences, habitat destruction and being shot are the main contributing factor to the Karearea's plight. Persecution of the Karearea, due to the falcon's interest in chicken coups (when the Karearea comes down to a warmer climate over winter) is still common place in some rural areas. If people and New Zealand's indigenous fauna like Karearea are to live together, a focused program of educating people and possibly relocating some these rare hunting birds is greatly needed. In Marlborough in vine yards they are supporting a Karearea breeding program in the hopes that the Karearea will chase away pest birds. Now that is the type of smart thinking that will benefit the country in many ways. 

Wingspan Birds of Prey is located in Rotorua and is open to the public. It is New Zealand's only falconry and is dedicated entirely to the the welfare of raptors. There is a small passionate group of people that put on an interesting falconry show 'Flight of the Falcon'. It is the only place in New Zealand where the public can see the nationally widespread yet rare Karearea in action. Unless you are lucky enough to spot the chase in the wild. 

The Karearea won the New Zealand Bird of the Year in 2012. Voting is in apx October/November every year and is always an exciting and heavily competed contest.

The Karearea sparkly decoration was introduced in 2022.

This decoration is made of fabric, sequins, beads and coloured metallic threads. It is nice and light for posting. If you need to send them internationally we can do it for you. Handy information - The cost to send up to 10x NZ Bird sparkly decorations to the same international address is the same as sending 1x.



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