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A mixed origin Kiwi found on a private island that is a working commercial farm, 18km from Auckland city

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In 1964 NZ Wildlife Service, with the land owners permission released 13 North Island Kiwis* onto Ponui Island from a wide variety of source populations. The population thrived and it is estimated there are apx 1,500 now on Ponui Island. Due to the longevity of kiwi it is entirely possible that some of the original kiwis released could still be alive. The population is so large is has reached the maximum capacity Ponui Island can hold. The mixed origin status of the Ponui Island Kiwi is causing controversy with some scientist, due to classification/genetic reasons. However, it is possible that if loss of habitat and predation had not impacted the Kiwi and the North Island Brown Kiwi was free to roam, then the mixed genetic make-up of the Ponui Island Kiwi would probably have happened naturally within the Auckland region. 

Ponui Island is totally private owned and there is no public access. This aspect could be a major contributing factor in the Ponui Island Kiwi's success, which could be due to the reduced predation from dogs (from visitors in boats) and more rats finding their way to the island. Ponui Island is also known as Chamberlin's Island as the island has been in continuous ownership and farmed by the pioneering Chamberlin family since 1853. The Chamberlin family have been outstanding custodians of New Zealand's iconic bird. 

Ponui island is a working farm that has no stoats but does have rats and working farm dogs. Dogs in particular go 'silly' when they smell Kiwi's, as apparently Kiwi's have a very exciting smell for dogs. There is a quick and easy Kiwi deterrent program that dogs can be trained with that stops them hunting Kiwi.

The Kiwi won the New Zealand Bird of the Year in 2009. This win was for the 'Kiwi Tribe' and in many ways a win for the Ponui Island Kiwi which falls outside the genetic scientist's classification. However, if a bat can win bird of the year (like NZ's only native mammal did in 2021) then there is no reason the unclassified Ponui Island Kiwi can't win in the future. It just takes a group of people to be campaigners for the Ponui Island Kiwi population. Voting is in apx October/November every year and is always an exciting and heavily competed contest.

The Ponui Island Kiwi sparkly decoration was introduced in 2022.

This decoration is made of fabric, sequins, beads and coloured metallic threads. It is nice and light for posting. If you need to send them internationally we can do it for you. Handy information - The cost to send up to 10x NZ Bird sparkly decorations to the same international address is the same as sending 1x.

*The 13 Kiwis came from; Waipoua in Northland, one from the Coromandel and several from Hauturu / Little Barrier Island. The Hauturu population is thought to be a wide-combination of Taranaki Kiwi, indigenous Hauturu Kiwi, several Kiwis from the Taupo region including a White Kiwi, possibly a Kiwi from Maugaturoto (Northland), possibly a Little Spotted Kiwi from Milford Sounds and probably other Kiwi from other various unrecorded North Island locations. 



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