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The Kea is endemic to New Zealand and is the world's only Alpine parrot

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This Kea sparkly decoration was redesigned in 2023. It now has more sparkle and a deeper green base colour.

The Kea holds the title of world's only Alpine parrot. The Kea is known to be extraordinary curious and 'play grounds' are built to entertain them to keep them away from parked cars as the Keas like to peel off the rubber from around the windows. 

Kea are highly attracted to people and will almost always 'meet and greet' visitors into their alpine domain. Kea are known to attack and kill sheep. Bounty hunting of Kea (to protect sheep) was outlawed in 1971 and Kea were finally given full protection in 1986. Due to the Kea's inquisitive, gregarious and conspicuous nature many people and lulled into the belief the Kea has high population numbers. However, it is estimated there are under 4,000 Kea's left in the world and their conservation status is 'nationally endangered'. If Kea breed in an uncontrolled pest area, only 2% of nests are successful. In DOC controlled pest areas nest success is 27%. Studies indicate that the main predator of Kea chicks are feral cats.  

The Kea won the New Zealand Bird of the Year in 2017. 
Voting is in apx October/November every year and is always an exciting and heavily competed contest.

The original Kea sparkly decoration was introduced in 2018. 

This decoration is made of fabric, sequins, beads and coloured metallic threads. It is nice and light for posting. If you need to send them internationally, we can do it for you. Handy information - The cost to send up to 10x NZ Bird sparkly decorations to the same international address is the same as sending 1x.


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