Organic Fruit Infusion with Sea-Buckthorn
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Organic Fruit Infusion with Sea-Buckthorn

A rich, deep red hue combined with a tart fruity taste creates a refreshing hoilistic brew.

Sea-buckthorn is a sour fruit which balance out the sweetness of other fruits in this brew. Sea-buckthorn fruit infusions were the first fruit drinks to be produced in China.

Warm the teapot and tea cups
Use fresh water - Better still use spring or filtered water
Boil water to 100c
Use 2 tsp (4g) per teacup (200ml) - 2 heaped tsp (6g) per mug
Steep 8 minutes
If a stronger brew is required use more tisane
Can be consumed chilled

Traditionally consumed without milk

Caffeine free.

Consume less than 1 litre per day.

Herbs can react differently with each person, consult your doctor before use.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, orange wedges (5%), sea buckthorn peel (5%), marigold flowers, blackberry leaves


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